Coming late summer 2022! I will be offering Botox in the Rhinelander area at $12.50/unit. Stay tuned!

Here’s my own face as an example of a very conservative treatment for frown lines. No filters on either photo. I am 5 years older on the right, though!

face 2017

face 2022

In the next series you will see the nasolabial fold that was running quite deep (left), what it looks like when I scowl when the Botox wears off (center), and the results of both Botox to the forehead and Juvaderm filler to the nasolabial folds (right).

Injectables are about improvement, by the way, and not perfection. I take a conservative, less-is-more approach! We can always add a bit if the results are not what you wanted.

Frequency for Botox is generally every 3 months, and longer for fillers.