I am now offering botulinum toxin type A (Xeomin)!!!
I choose Xeomin for the purity. It is the same active medication as other brands and has been approved since 2010.
Current pricing is $11/unit.

Learn more about Xeomin here:

Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Treatments improve the appearance of both.

If you could improve anything about your face, what would it be?

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I have been a Registered Nurse since early 2013 and am working under Dr. Steven Bittorf of Green Bay Integrative Health. I trained with Denise Winek, RN of Advanced Aesthetics. My approach is very conservative; we can always do a touch-up and add more 🙂

Here’s my own face as an example of a very conservative treatment for frown lines.
No filters on either photo. I am 5 years older on the right, though!

face 2017

face 2022

Then I let it wear off during winter 2022-2023. These photos were taken on treatment day, and again 7 days later attempting to make the same facial expressions:

In the next series you will see the nasolabial fold that was running quite deep (left), what it looks like when I scowl when the tox wears off (center), and the results of both Botox to the forehead and Juvaderm filler to the nasolabial folds (right).

Injectables are about improvement, by the way, and not perfection.

Frequency for botulinum toxin is generally every 3 months, and longer for fillers.

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Treatment RoomI offer these services out of my massage studio, which is a home based office. Come enjoy the lakeside atmosphere and the beauty of the northwoods while you receive treatment!