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June 2016, my sister died at 37 years of age from inflammatory breast cancer. It was an awful thing to watch progress until it finally overtook her. Now, she had several risk factors and our lifestyles were pretty much opposite. I had been experiencing some breast soreness for years, mostly around my period. It would subside with the onset and return a few weeks later. Because of this, I wasn’t too worried. In recent months, this has changed. The pain is less but continues and has gone from an ache to a bit more sharp, sometimes shooting and accompanied by itching. Ok, now it has my attention.

As of this writing, I had been working for 2 months on getting on my husband’s insurance. 2 weeks ago I was in pain and stressed out over it, so I went in for a thermography. Here are the results. In the breast, blues and greens are good. Of course under them will be red. There is some “suspicious activity” and now that I am insured (finally) I do have a checkup scheduled later this month. In the meantime, I will be proactive.

Sunday I will begin a cleanse/detox, utilizing some Gerson therapy and various breast health resources. Here’s my plan (shooting for a 3-week juice fast).

Nutrition: For breakfast, lunch and dinner I will be consuming juice. Carrots, celery, cucumber, apple, beet, lemon and ginger.  All organic, of course! I picked up my trusty Champion juicer for $50 on Facebook last summer. It’s a workhorse. Juicing floods the body with nutrients and is very easy to digest.  Along with juice, I will have herbal tea, spring water and my beloved organic, freshly roasted coffee.










1. Greens powder
2. Berry powder
3. Herbal D-Tox
4. Wormwood blend
5. Soil-based probiotic
6. Iodine
7. Systemic enzymes
8. Vitamin C
9. Vitamin D
10. CBD oil
11. Frankincense oil topical and sublingual
12. Thyme oil topical and sublingual


1. Daily coffee enemas with Bulletproof coffee – this is something I implemented last summer when I had an acute Lyme infection. I continued them generally once a week and I’m always amazed what a great pain reliever they are. Especially for my headaches! I set up a little sanctuary in my bathroom and listen to a 10 minute guided meditation while it works its magic. Coffee enemas are fantastic for upregulation of glutiathione, which is one of our body’s intrinsic detoxification pathways.
2. Epsom salt baths – probably 3x/week. Great way to get magnesium (and relaxation). A few drops of lavender essential oil in the water a fine addition.
3. Dry brushing for lymphatic health.

Long ago I ditched toxic skin care from my life with the exception of deodorant. I will continue to search for a natural option that works – don’t be afraid to tell me if what I’m doing isn’t working though! Ha!

Also, drinking out of plastic or styrofoam as well as “nuking” my food are things of the past. I wash my hair with baking soda, rinse with apple cider vinegar and essential oils, wash everything else with Dr. Bronner’s soap and use natural makeup.




For a few weeks, I will replace my obstacle course training with yoga, walking with trekking poles (move more lymph that way) and dance.  Movement is important! My intention is to do it in a gentle, joyous manner. Feeling revitalized is the goal.









That’s my start! I will journal and share as I go. If the pain turns out to be nothing of concern, I figure a few weeks worth of spring cleaning won’t hurt.  This is a fine time of year (still plenty of snow and cold) to take things a little easier, and while I juggle 15-hour days away from home I will do what I can. I will have to learn to say no to some things and keep my priorities in order.

Not pictured here: regular massages and hearty laughter 🙂

Any thoughts, suggestions, or encouragement? Post below!

Resources: The Gerson Therapy

Breast Cancer Alternatives Facebook Group





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