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Bucket List (2013)

Bucket List

My Bucket List

This is my bucket list. I wrote it out last summer, sitting by a stream in the Porcupine Mountains in the early morning, on my Lake Superior Soul Ride trip. Yes, it does involve a lot of bicycle riding and learning! Top of the list is going to be this weekend. 24 Solo. Wausau 24 is a mountain bike race which starts Saturday at 10:00 and ends Sunday at 10:00. I have been wanting to try it for several years. I’ve raced 12-hour duos and I ride 100+ miles on my road bike without any problems, so I figure I may as well give it a go.

I learned a long time ago, when I was numb from my waist down for a 4-week period, to do the things I want to. There are no guarantees on tomorrow. I am here now, capable and strong.

My desire is nothing at all to do with a podium spot. In fact, I’m looking at is as an “adventure” rather than a race. I simply want the experience. I want to know what it’s like to ride in the middle of the night. I want to see the sun rise through the trees in the forest.

9 Mile forest has a special energy to me and I cannot explain why. It’s a good vibe.

The only issue I’ve had this year, which may cause me to stop sooner than I’d like, is Achilles tendinitis. I’ve been resting, icing, elevating, massaging, foam rollering, compressioning, and kinesio-taping :-p the past couple of weeks  in an effort to rid myself of the pain.

Other than that, I feel mentally prepared after today. I sat down to write this blog post last night but my head hurt. I was all jumbled up inside. Today I reached out to an energy healer and went in for a treatment. So healing…. so intuitive…. all of my blocked up energy feels free. This is what my heart wants to do.

I will attach a deeper meaning to the event. While I aim to have LOTS of fun, I will put my focus on something bigger than myself. I will have a white board in my pit area with a name by every lap that I ride. I am going to ride that lap for that person and keep them in mind as I go. In no particular order, these are the people I will ride for (although many others inspire me, I cannot ride hundreds of laps!!):

1. Me – I am really working on loving me unconditionally. It’s been a struggle for the past 1.5 years or so, but that’s another story.

2. Steve – I have never felt to much love and support from a partner. I asked the Universe to provide the perfect partner for me and the Universe came through!

3. My sister, Becky – she had a brain hemorrhage as an infant and will never walk, let alone ride a bike.

4. My oldest son, Dustin – he taught me what love really is, 18 years ago.

5. My daughter, Laina – what a beautiful soul. The necklace I will wear for the race is one she made and reminds me of her positive attitude in the face of adversity.

6. My youngest son, TJ – he and his golden heart will be part of my “pit crew”.

7. Denise Coppock – she would ride it if she hadn’t broken her pelvis. I’ll ride a lap for her.

8. Todd, one of my besties – a true friend even when I’m making stupid decisions. Thank you for being there.

9. Margaret, one of my besties – always so encouraging. Thanks for your endless hours of listening to me when I was going through some tough times. I’ll never forget when we were nervous Citizen racers on the start line and struck up a conversation. Pole dancing lessons. Kombucha buzzes. Hugs and unconditional love.

10. Crille/Chris, one of my besties – thank you for being so supportive and your limitless patience in my learning of Swedish (darn those r’s).

11. Connie, my childhood bestie – her life was taken shortly before she turned 18. I wonder what she would be doing these days if she were still on this earth.

12. Brenda – talk about a beautiful soul and that smile just lights me up. Amazing, inside and out. I’m so glad to know you.

Any more than 12 and I will make it up as I’m inspired.

Here is a quote from Willow Rockwell’s book, My Wheels Gave Me Wings, in regards to a bike ride:
“…limitless opportunities to explore the energy of the universe and the unlimited potential of the cosmos.”

What’s on your bucket list? What are you waiting for? Feel free to comment below.

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