Andrea Engel, RN, LMT, CPT

Aesthetic RN, Ashiatus massage therapist, health coach near Rhinelander, Wisconsin.


Magic Potions, Pills and Powders

Lately I have been seeing *so* many people sign up for promises of weight loss and success that involve taking potions, pills and powders. I’ve tried many of them myself. What I found was they were generally expensive, unsustainable, and marginally effective. If they work for you, great! But I wonder, how are you learning to feed and care for your body long term? Is it just another quick fix? Another waste of your time and money? Are you misled by great advertising?

Do you suppose humans were meant to eat real, wholesome, nutritious foods? Or powder? Do you feel satisfied and energetic on powders and pills? How is your health? Can you stick with those programs year after year?

Again, I get it. I’ve been there. Now, I’m here. I’m here to say that I’m offering a program to you as a health coach that will teach you how to care for your body in a way that is *sustainable*. Maybe even kind of fun. With minimal time commitment. I’m here to support you in creating new habits. I’m here to turn your focus to health and self-love. I’m here to help your body remember how sweet life is, even with no added sugar (or artificial sweeteners).

No gimmicks, potions, pills, powders, boxed foods, crash diets, subscriptions, pyramid schemes, crushing workouts that leave you depleted….. none of that. Think ease, fun, and love.

Go to my Services page to learn more and get started on creating an optimal you. For a limited time, I am offering a full 4-week program for only $125 in exchange for your testimonials and feedback. I look forward to hearing from you!

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