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Three Words for 2020

It’s time for a new ritual. I heard about this on a massage business podcast a couple of days ago and fell in love with the idea. Instead of resolutions, choose 3 words to guide your next year. Find more information about it here:

I’ve set a reminder on my calendar for June 10, 2020, to check in and see how I’m doing. And, here are my 3 words.

  1. Save. While I am happily debt free as of late 2018, I’m not the best at saving. I could do better. I have an expensive goal this year and since I no longer do debt, I need to save. This means considering every grocery and Amazon purchase. Setting a grocery budget. Not ordering from Amazon on a whim unless it’s a household staple I’m low/out of and it saves money to get it there. I will not compromise my health to get there, though! When I’ve met my major goal, I’m to continue socking it away for savings. My work schedule is crammed full until October and it’s only the beginning of January, which I am incredibly grateful for!
  2. Focus. There are times I want to do everything all at once. In my business life, I want to take continuing education courses for soooo many irrelevant things I likely won’t even use. It costs me time and money. For 2020, my continuing education is focused on ashiatsu and cupping.AerialExercise is another area. I love several forms and get distracted. My chronic pain issues make running a no-go right now. My goals are to be able to hang with my peers on the mountain bike, to use a pole, aerial yoga, and yoga for strength. Unfortunately, for almost a year now, I’ve had pain in my left shoulder (and my left foot). Even yoga irritates it. I’m scheduled for physical therapy starting this coming week to try to sort it out, but it’s been a full decade of connective tissue crap. I’ve been doing resistance bands and stretching on my own for 8 months and it’s still messed up. All this to say, whatever I need to do to get to my goals is what I should be doing. That means physical therapy, and getting my heart rate up at least 3x/week.  Trying to run a 5k or embark on an exercise program that I hate but I think it will help my booty pop is a waste of my time. If it doesn’t bring me joy or get me to the activities that bring me joy, I need to say no.
  3. Confidence. In my day-to-day, I feel more confident than ever before. However, there are some scenarios that I find myself in where I’m hiding or battling all-out anxiety. Video recordings of me, for example. So…. in January I’m doing 4 live video vegan meal prep demonstrations. Gives me butterflies just thinking about it. I don’t know why. It’s like I get so anxious I forget my damn name! I’ll force myself to do it until I can embrace that whole thing.The other area is with my body. After 3 kids and obesity, even at a healthy weight I am forever tucking my loose belly and trying to hide it. What’s more, I have never been able to pull off looking nice in a normal bra due to some major asymmetry. I’m not talking a little bit. I know full well that my husband accepts me just as I am and I appreciate that, but I’ve decided I’m worth the investment of surgery to get rid of my loose skin and even up “the sisters”. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve put in the effort. If I’m halfway through my life with this body at 45, I don’t want to be fidgeting with my clothes the whole next half. I’m ready to shine.

I may edit this as the year progresses, but it is January 5th as of this first writing and this is what has been on my mind.

ALSO, on New Year’s Eve I wanted to really let something go. Leave something that no longer serves me in the last decade. I’ve been a binge eater as long as I can remember. I wrote “addictive behaviors” on a piece of paper and gave it to the fire to take away. May I never again binge on food. I deserve better than that. Time to get out of my own way, grow up, and seek out higher coping skills.

May we all continue to evolve, grow, and expand <3

Love and light to all of you!

December 28, 2020 – Reflecting on Three Words

What a year it has been! So much of it, I never would have expected and it was far from my radar. Namely, the pandemic. But also taking up body building! There have been many lessons and surprises. Let’s get right down to the subject at hand.

  1. Save. I’ll carry this word into 2021. I definitely like to spend money. Still no credit card debt or anything, but I could have done better. Even with the shutdown and reduced income.
  2. Focus. I have this one nailed. On the shoulder injury, I did physical therapy for a month. Then I had a steroidal injection in February. Since then, the pain in gone. I focused on preparing my body for surgery in May. As soon as I was recovered enough, I returned my focus to getting stronger. In August I signed up for my first body building show, in June 2021, and have been laser focused on that since. In my work, I kept to ashiatsu and cupping, taking a course in facilitated stretching using ashiatsu bars while I was shut down.
  3. Confidence. The January video cooking series was really helpful. I’m no longer so freaked out about video cameras. In May, I had Mommy Makeover Surgery, and now I feel very comfortable in my skin. I’m no longer fussing with my clothes and have the freedom to feel good in whatever I want to wear. I signed up for the above mentioned show, which will require me to be on a stage in front of strangers in a tiny bikini with heels. Yes, it makes me nervous, but I welcome it! I’m confident enough to get out of my comfort zone. In fact, I think I’ll also sign up for the class that will have me doing a short speech about my philosophy on fitness.

Looking forward to the lessons of 2021! Cheers to continued growth!

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