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Three Words for 2021

Welcome to a brand new year. In reflection, I feel that one of 2020’s most important lessons was that we cannot control everything. For me personally, it was a year of growth. I really enjoyed the feeling of slowing down a bit. And as I did last year, I have 3 words to guide my 2021. These are areas of focus for me. I will keep them at the forefront of my mind, use them as a measuring stick, and evaluate my progress towards integration in June. I have set a reminder on my calendar for the summer solstice to have a check-in with myself, and will update this blog accordingly.

  1. Save – I could do much better here. To make it simpler, I will actually start keeping separate accounts for business and personal, as I should have been doing all along. I will take a percentage of my income each week for personal use, and a percentage for savings. I’m thinking 50% personal, 30% for the business, and 20% for savings, but may adjust as time goes on.
  2. Pleasure – I will get out of my to-do-list and actually do things on a regular basis simply for pleasure. This can encompass many things, but what stands out is reading books for fun, feeling zero guilt for relaxing in the sauna, buying flowers to enjoy, wearing my favorite essential oils, and exploring my amazing femininity. Without an iota of guilt or shame.
  3. Presence – May I be present in my day. I intend to meditate every day. I will re-read Natural Meditation by Dean Sluyter. I have taken up journaling, and part of it includes listing three amazing things that happened that day. May I be in the moment and on the lookout for those. As I prepare my body and mind for my first body building show, may I be present with each workout and opportunity to grow. May I be present on show day and take it all in, regardless of the results. May I be present when I’m out on the trail, with the beauty surrounding me. May I be present in my personal interactions, so whomever I’m with feels heard. And, may I have the presence of a strong woman, full of love and vitality.

May you enjoy a 2021 full of wonder, curiosity and joy!

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