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Three Words for 2022

2021 Highlight!

As in the past 2 years, instead of “resolutions” I will focus on three keywords for 2022. It’s only proper to take a moment to review the keywords for 2021 and assess how I did. They were:

  1. Save. I did save, and I spent.  I saved for tooth aligners (like Invisalign but different brand) and I saved for a motorcycle. Moving forward I’d like to just save in general and have a nice financial cushion.
  2. Pleasure. I generally consume books via audio and they tend to be self-improvement types. This year I was introduced to Outlander and completed the series! Books for pleasure was a real highlight for me. I took plenty of time for self-care activities and savored them. I relished time with my husband for the sake of enjoyment. I moved my body in ways that were not only to reach a physical goal. I hooted and hollered my way down mountain bike trails. I’m happy with bringing more pleasure into my life!
  3. Presence. This can be tough with all of the distractions of day-to-day life. I did not meditate daily, but at least a couple of times per week. I made a solid effort to be present in moments and with people. I’ll continue to work on this! It makes life more enjoyable and memorable!

That brings me to keywords for 2022. 

  1. Health. This past fall I fell ill and then contracted COVID as a breakthrough infection. I’m very grateful that it wasn’t worse. However, I ended up with “long COVID” in the form of recurring fevers and fatigue lasting for months. My NP did some lab work and feels that COVID activated dormant Epstein-Barr virus. The best remedy is rest, but of course I’m also taking a pile of targeted supplements and learning what I can to fight back. I’ve spent too much time off work for my liking, had to dial back my active lifestyle, and would honestly rather be my active, energetic self! So, may I focus on restoring my health to the vibrant, strong woman that I am.
  2. Wealth. It’s not about how much $ I can accrue or how fancy of toys I can purchase. After reviewing my 2021 purchases, I feel I can do much better in managing my finances. I will keep my business and personal accounts separate (did ok for the first 7 months of 2021 and dropped the ball) and put myself on an actual budget. using the YNAB app. I will pursue an avenue of income that has my interest and could potentially reduce my workload over time while increasing my income substantially. I will start an HSA in January, as a self-employed person and contribute weekly.
  3. Calm. As I was preparing for my first ever bodybuilding show in early October, I could feel the anxiety in my body and mind. I felt the adrenaline running through my veins when I spoke about it. I was so nervous, yet I really wanted to have the experience. I got myself so worked up that I wreaked havoc on my hormones and immune system health. I ended up with dizziness and wacky menstrual cycles, and then got quite sick. The funny (??) thing was that I actually had fun on show day! I did not fall on my butt on stage. I did not forget my routine. Everyone was super nice and supportive. I had a great time! So I spent about 2 months freaking out and while I kept my calories up and workout time reasonable, I let my anxiety issues take over and really set myself back. It was completely unnecessary to put myself through that! Moving forward, I will use that lesson both in bodybuilding and in other life situations. I was able to apply a different mindset to my recent proctored personal trainer certification exam, for example. And it felt good! I’d like to get on the stage again and this time do it with an attitude of excitement, openness and calm. What if questions are fantastic, so what if I rock it? What if I do really well? What if I’m the best version of myself?

With all of the uncertainty these days, let us remember that we can control how we show up, how we treat people, what we put in our mouths and how we move our bodies. Happy 2022!!

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