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Three Words for 2023

This is the first New Year’s Eve I haven’t been out celebrating with friends/family in so long, I can’t remember. I’m in my flannel jammies by 6:30pm with a full belly and a head cold.

Reflecting on 2022…. I gave up resolutions in favor of 3 keywords a few years back. For 2022 they were health, wealth and calm. Most of you know I was very ill from fall of 2021 until recently. I’m still recovering to some degree, but after many tests and sick days, had my breast implants removed on October 11, 2022. It was the right decision and I am now regaining my health, to the point I am able to make plans with friends and work a full day! Wealth was in regards to a new business venture. Let’s say that one will have to be carried over. It’s on hold for the moment. I’m grateful for my husband for many things, including being my financial safety net while I was ill and while I rebuild my business/launch the new. And calm… well I was. Even on surgery day. I discovered that I feel more at ease with my dog Kyah by my side. I’m off all medications now for depression and anxiety. I made my unofficial service dog official while recovering from surgery. The appointment with the mental health professional to make my need recognized was stressful but good. I’ve made it decades without a service dog but my life is easier to navigate with one.

Aside from my 3 keywords, during this photoshoot (a relatively new phenomenon in my life) I was with photographer friend Arnold Jack. As we watched the sun rise and chatted, I wondered about the spirituality and traditional ceremonies of my ancestors in northern Europe before they were “converted”. Since then I have spent countless hours learning more and it’s fascinating.

I appreciate more than I probably ever can really say, the friends who have stuck by me while I was sick for over a year. I truly missed my life. A year ago I wasn’t sure I’d be around for all of 2022. And now, I’m contemplating what my key words will be for 2023. The only one that is on my mind is Health. Let’s say Connection. With friends, with my husband, family, and especially grandchildren. And…. hmm…. Spirituality. There. That feels aligned with where I’m at 🙂

Specifically for:

  1. Health. Continue with my coach to work towards body recomposition. Continue to reduce alcohol consumption to socials/holidays. Reduce caffeine consumption. Lift 5 days/week. Get outside most days. Try racing bikejoring. Do group rides. Eat unprocessed foods, mostly local.
  2. Connection. Friends, family, husband, clients…. like in person, actual connection with people. Being a good listener. Being open.
  3. Spirituality. Continue on my path of learning. Continue respecting others’ decisions to believe how they want to and following my own path.

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