Andrea Engel, RN, LMT, CPT

Aesthetic RN, Ashiatus massage therapist, health coach near Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

What is Ashiatsu?

Tranquil Sole Massage

AshiatsuEarly in my massage career, the feedback I would receive from my clients often suggested they’d like deeper pressure. I found out pretty quickly that spending 4-6 hours each day pushing with force aggravated my shoulders, wrists and hands. Searching for a solution brought me to ashiatsu.


Ashi (foot) atsu (pressure) is something that is pretty unfamiliar to my locale, but I aim to change that. Advantages for my clients are: deeeep, luxurious, satisfying, broad pressure that is “just right”. Advantages for me are: longevity in a career that I love, as well as the ability to deliver consistent quality all day long. It’s so much easier for me and more satisfying for my clients. I still do use my hands throughout the massage. I find that hands work best for necks and faces 🙂

My feet get to stay nicely pedicured and are cleaned right along with my hands prior to each session. Then they are placed into heated slippers.


One of my favorite analogies for how ashiatsu works is that of a garden. Would you turn the soil on a garden by use of a hand trowel? Or would you use a rototiller? Hand trowels are great for planting flowers.

I’d recommend you give ashiatsu massage a try. If you ever feel it’s not for you, I can easily convert to classic massage at any time. There is no extra charge. Why would I charge extra for a modality I’d rather use?



You should not receive ashiatsu if you have/are/are taking:

• Broken bones or fractures
• Bruises or Hematomas – Purplish to yellowish areas created by trauma
to the blood vessels in the skin.
• Diabetes – Inability to utilize or produce insulin.
• Conditions in acute stages.
• Frail elderly
• Hypertension – High blood pressure not under control.
• Hemophilia – Condition of blood not coagulating, leading to
• Medications that inhibit sensation
• Medications that cause bleeding
• Phlebitis, Thrombosis, Varicose veins
• Pregnancy
• Osteoporosis (severe) – Brittle bones.
• Pinching client’s skin by stepping too close
• Skin infections or ulcerations
• Swollen or inflamed areas

Ashiatsu Ashiatsu

Ashiatsu Ashiatsu

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